Food Service Design

We represent considerable authority in providing compelling Kitchen Design Solutions depending on requirement of client and operator. Our design procedure routes through different stages:

  • Concept Layout Plan
  • Schematic Plan
  • Details Design Plan

Our designs are continually following and adhering to the HACCP standard, General code for good practice in the industry. These plans are additionally bolstered with Mechanical datasheet, Schedule of kitchen equipment and tender specification. Designs are additionally coordinated with Interior plan and bolstered with section/elevation drawing for all FOH kitchen and counters. 

Keeping budgetary plans of client in mind, a detailed estimation of the kitchen is prepared.

Operational Area Design

The hotel industry has an exceptionally enormous operational zone and an operation friendly design plan of these spaces is constantly a worry. We guarantee a flawless harmony between effective design & smooth operation resulting in reducing operating costs. 

We help with providing Back of House plans, which is in accordance with operator requirements, an activity well-disposed and ideal use of spaces. This region includes: 

  • Staff Facility
  • Housekeeping
  • Engineering office, store, and workshop
  • Admin Offices

Laundry Design

An efficient & hygienic laundry design considering requirements of entire operations. Be it Guest Linen in hotels or bed linen and staff uniforms.

Scientific calculation is carried out for total linen estimation for right selection of equipment to process linen. This again goes through different design stages as Food Service Design.

Layout plans are supported with Preliminary Design, Mechanical Data Sheet, Schedule of Laundry Equipment and Tender Specifications.

Laundry Design Requirements for Healthcare Facilities require certain expertise & understanding, where cross-contamination is major concern. Isolation of different zones alongside sanitation requirement are dealt with well-planned designs, which complies to regulations by all health & hygiene authority.

Waste Management

Waste is a significant issue and one of the major concerns nowadays because of the ecological limitations, general wellbeing concerns especially health of the public, different nature of squanders, and landfill deficiencies.  

Waste production in hospitality industry with foodservice is constantly a great worry as they comprise of wet & dry waste. 

An in-depth investigation of waste generation along with waste composition of different project component to develop waste management strategy in accordance with Local Waste Management governing body.

Site Supervision & Coordination

Our expertise in design gives us an edge in coordinating plans at site and help site engineers for proper execution of the same.

Without proper coordination, the best design can be a letdown. So we at HPTS Consulting audit and check all shop drawings prepared by kitchen equipment contractor.

We perform a thorough inspection of all kitchen & laundry equipment installation to ensure a smooth and quality handover to the respective hotel operator.